At WildTales Pet Services, we are passionate about the well-being of your scaly and slimy companions. Whether you have a majestic snake, a colorful chameleon, or a charming frog, our dedicated team of professionals is here to provide top-notch care and maintenance for your reptiles and amphibians.

Why Choose WildTales Pet Services?

  1. Specialized Expertise: Our team consists of experienced reptile and amphibian enthusiasts who understand the unique needs of these extraordinary pets. We're not just a pet service; we're your reptile and amphibian partners.
  2. Comprehensive Care: From habitat setup and nutrition planning to health check-ups and behavior assessments, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your pets thrive.
  3. Customized Solutions: We recognize that every reptile and amphibian is unique. That's why we tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of your individual pets, making sure they receive the care they deserve.

Our Services

  • Habitat Design and Maintenance: Let us create the perfect environment for your reptiles and amphibians, complete with proper lighting, heating, and substrate. We'll ensure their homes are safe and comfortable.
  • Feeding and Nutrition: Our experts will develop a nutritious diet plan, including live prey and supplements, to keep your pets healthy and happy.
  • Health Check-Ups: Regular check-ups are essential to catch potential health issues early. Our team will perform thorough examinations and provide appropriate treatments.
  • Behavior Consultations: If you're experiencing behavioral concerns with your pets, we offer consultations to address and correct any issues.
  • Boarding and Pet Sitting: Going on vacation or need a temporary home for your reptiles and amphibians? We provide safe and caring boarding options.

Contact Us

Are you ready to give your reptiles and amphibians the exceptional care they deserve? Contact WildTales Pet Services today to schedule a consultation. Let's embark on a journey to ensure your scaly and slimy friends lead happy, healthy lives.

Join the WildTales Pet Services family and experience the difference in reptile and amphibian care. Your pets will thank you for it.